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Mission & Values

1. with earnest and eager attention.
2. firmly or steadfastly fixed or directed, as the eyes or mind.
3. having the attention sharply focused or fixed on something.


To end loneliness and facilitate joy.


To help leaders experience more connection and contentment in their work and lives


Acknowledging Reality
  • Staying unplugged from the matrix
  • Seeing our personal and professional patterns
  • Meeting people where they are now with empathy
  • Seeing our impact regardless of intention
Awareness of Feelings and Outcomes
  • Allowing yourself to be seen, heard, and valued
  • Sitting with discomfort
Holding Two Truths at the Same Time
  • Balancing the tension between self-acceptance and self-growth
  • Allowing oneself to be influenced
  • Following the Platinum Rule
  • Saying the hard things in helpful and loving ways

Who We Are

Christina Howard
Founder & CEO

Christina Howard is the founder of Intently, a keynote speaker and IPEC-certified coach who helps corporate leaders find deep levels of fulfillment in their work. Having worked with corporations like Target, Ross and ClubMed, as well as CEOs of nine-figure organizations, She’s impacted thousands of lives across the globe.

With 20 years of experience in People and HR Leadership, certifications through IPEC, NLP, PI, DiSC and as a Human Capital Strategist, Christina combines years of experience as an award-winning HR leader with deep coaching expertise to serve as the secret weapon for individuals who are ready to create positive change in their lives, as well as the lives of their families, friends, colleagues and teams.

Christina is actively involved in serving her community by volunteering with numerous organizations that support underserved children. She is a past board member of the EO Accelerator, which helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses to seven figures and beyond, as well as sits on several boards inside her community.

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What We Do

Live, lead and work INTENTLY.

The Intently team puts its decades’ worth of people leadership experience to work for you. Our expertise has been built and honed by working with medium to large public and private corporations in both domestic and international settings across multiple industries, including: retail, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, education, non-profits and more. Together, we can help you achieve meaningful:


To make a bigger difference in all facets of your work and life


To be the best version of yourself and empower others to do great things


To build lasting and fulfilling relationships with others

Who We Help

Does this sound like you?

·   You don’t have business problems, you have people problems.
·   You expect people to figure it out like you did and can’t understand why they don’t get it.
·   You know what to do, but for some reason you aren’t doing it and don’t know why.
·   You feel heavy, like you are slogging through life. when it should feel much easier.
·   You don’t give yourself a break when you need rest because you feel guilty, like you haven’t “earned” it

The journey to self-mastery is never taken alone.

At Intently, we help you embark on a process of inner reflection and identify transformation to put you on a new path filled with meaningful goals and fulfilling connections for you in your work and life. We’ll guide the work on your own self-awareness in ways that others have not been able to do for you or help you with before. Yes, we know you’ve been able to fool your therapist in the past. It’s a good thing we aren’t therapists, at Intently, we love you and we see you - and we won’t let you do that.


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